About Me

Hi I’m Chippo. I created this blog to express/share what I’m thinking, what I know and what I love. I really love to learn, learning means everything to me: learn! learn! learn! I love learning and writing stuffs about business, marketing and (Search Engine Optimization) SEO! 🙂

2013-03-29 09.07.07

In college, I studied accounting and business management courses. However, instead of working for banking or commercial institutions like most business professionals do, destiny has brought up into a “sphere” that I myself never expected – writing.

For me, writing and blogging became a “life-changer”. From a quite and boring young man, writing changed me into someone more expressive, more vivid and a lot more creative. Writing also made me discover things I really like; help me ascertain the things I want to learn or even master.

When I started writing, I came up into a topic that caught my interest – that’s internet marketing. Aside from being one of the newest and hottest trends in the modern times, this type of marketing is familiar to me to a certain extent. Fortunately, my college education will never be wasted! 🙂

Now, I want to share all the things that I learned and I will learn (from college education to working experiences). At the same time, I want to learn. As I said, learning means everything to me; I will not get tired of learning. Learning never stops!

You can check out my Facebook and Twitter accounts if you want to know more about me. 🙂


Please visit my website at www.chippomasayon.com.


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